Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Here is a link to a friend's classroom site: http://www.thelearningnook.net/

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Academic literacy and blogging

So I'm really always getting back to this academic literacy question. We may change our definition of what counts as academic literacy in order to acknowledge the many new literacies the internet has afforded, but that will not change the fact that traditional academic literacy is still being used as the primary mode of communication of knowledge in most academic settings and as the primary gatekeeping for young people advancing through their coursework, and succeeding in university settings, etc. How can blogging help young people master these more traditional skills?

New World...

First step into the blogging world ....

Thanks for sharing Michelle.


Peggy's Question--5th grade class

Peggy raises an important question of how a blog could be used in a 5th grade classroom. In some ways, we could think of a blog as the construction of a particular type of text--and much the same way that we think of a "quality" book, article, etc.; the same could be said for a blog. I look at Michele's blogs and I see chunks of text that have a purpose, uses evidence to support ideas, and clarity of writing/topic interests readers..

To that end, how might we use a blog as a "genre" and have children read and write them as authors...then using them as "leverage" into more traditional text forms.

Blog learning

I am feeling overwhelmed at this point, but excited to learn how to blog. Thank you Michele for teaching us all how to do this. Now the question is, will I ever use it?

can i exit mindset 1?

Oh dear, I feel as though I am mired in the last century. How will I integrate all these new dimensions into my daily life? What do I do with my time? If every one else has time to blog and utube and download music, what i am doing wrong? 
I don't yet feel the 'necessity' to go public. 

Blogging together

This is where the ECELE faculty is experimenting with blogging.