Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peggy's Question--5th grade class

Peggy raises an important question of how a blog could be used in a 5th grade classroom. In some ways, we could think of a blog as the construction of a particular type of text--and much the same way that we think of a "quality" book, article, etc.; the same could be said for a blog. I look at Michele's blogs and I see chunks of text that have a purpose, uses evidence to support ideas, and clarity of writing/topic interests readers..

To that end, how might we use a blog as a "genre" and have children read and write them as authors...then using them as "leverage" into more traditional text forms.


chairess said...

Re: genre: What if you write a poem on a blog? Which is the genre? Blog or poem or both?

Trish said...

Perhaps students could use this as a way to work on group projects. It would give students accss to each other as well as give the teacher a way to see individual participation.